Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The West Nile Virus and Model Material

This is part 3 of a 4 part series of posts.  Please click here first, and then here, and then come back to this post when you are done.

Trust me, it will be a better experience. ;)

Are you convinced yet that it's beautiful up there?  I wish that I had brought my camera up to the lake to get a good picture of it.  I did get one with my Mom's water proof camera but I haven't seen those yet.

So about that West Nile Virus.  I contracted it.  Well, possibly.  I thought I might have.  The mosquitoes were crazy this year.  The kids didn't get one bite, but we kept bug repellent on them at all times.  I guess one Saturday morning I forgot to dose myself.

I think it's because I was in doing dishes from breakfast and saw a photo opportunity with Tim down by the creek with the kids.  I heard my Mom say, "Kristi, hurry, grab your camera!"

So I did, and ran out the door....UNprotected.

Right about here I notice I got bitten.  It started to itch like crazy. 

But that's normal, so I took a few more pictures. 

We headed back to camp so that I could finish those dishes and the guys could get our poles ready for fishing again. 

And that's when it happened.  My hand started to swell up uncontrollably.  I couldn't even see where I had been bit anymore because it pretty much just spread, and quickly.  I thought maybe I was stung by something?  Well, it just kept getting bigger and bigger, and bigger.

So we figured we would take a drive to go get me some benadryl.  Oh and more flies.  Well, basically more flies and we thought maybe while we were there we could get me some benadryl.  I think I was an after thought.

We headed up to Pie in the Sky. 

 Riley had her heart set on a grilled cheese sandwich but they didn't have one on the menu.  She was a bit bummed so I told her and Madi they could both pick a piece of candy to take with us.  Well Riley wanted a dining experience and wanted to sit outside while she ate her candy.

So we did what Riley wanted to do, because it's all about her.  Tim took my Mom's cash to buy us beers because it was going to be under $10.00 and that is not enough to run a debit card bought us adults a round of beers and we settled in with the kids.

I was ordered to take my Benadryl.

Do you see how swollen my hand is?  Well, at this point it started to hurt, not itch, and by the end of the night, it had spread all the way to the other side and when we went fishing that night, I got bit by another mosquito, on my other hand, and my wrist.  Well, that one swelled up just as big, but spread into my hand and into my arm.

It hurt.  And I have a high pain tolerance.  I'm not going to lie, I thought something might have been wrong.  But no worries, my hands are finally back to normal today, and the bites now itch.  I now think I'm clear of the West Nile Virus.  But I found out on the way home that I had Skeeter Syndrome.  Not an extreme form of it, but a form.

Look at that, I got so caught up in my West Nile Virus that I forgot all about Model Material.

While we were at Pie in the Sky, cheersing our candy...

And getting dirty.  Because if we can get dirty, we do... 

I noticed that red wall behind the girls and I thought one picture of them together would be nice.

And it basically turned into a photo shoot.  With my models posing.

Is Madi not cracking you up?  Okay, well if not yet, then she will now.

Oh man, it was so funny.  And then they went after Pop Pop.

But he was a really good sport!

Stay tuned for the last post...Exploring and a Hike.

I know you are excited that it will be my last post on Rock Creek.  I do.  You've made yourselves perfectly clear about that.



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