Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Birthday Festivities

Yes you heard me correctly!  I said festivities...as in plural!

If you know me, you know that I've never been one to really celebrate my own birthday.  In most cases over the past 5 years, 3 of those, I've actually forgotten it was my birthday until around 11:00 am.

Yeah, that is bad.

But this year was totally different, I really didn't have a chance to forget my birthday!  I celebrated for about a week.

I thought it would be hard to celebrate so many times, but in reality I could get used to it!  I know some people....here...here...and here...that have no problem celebrating their birthdays for a week, or even a month.  They know how to do it!

Monday night, I went out with my team and I have no pictures of that.  But boy, was it fun!

Thursday was my actual birthday.  Nothing outrageous happened but my Mom and Grandma came over to keep me company until Tim got home.  We had dinner and Golden Spoon, and watched an episode of David Tutera...the venue in this particular wedding that he did, I have actually delivered a cake to.  I thought that was pretty cool!

We made what I thought was a 2 point drink...

Boy was I wrong!  The next day my Mom found out that they were 4 points a piece!  Apparently gin is no longer 2 points a jigger.  But it was my birthday!

Next up...the Mr's gift.
Tim came home on Tuesday I think it was and told me that we needed to talk.  See, I handle the finances so he never knows how much he can spend on me for special occasions, and I'm that girl that says, I don't need anything...let's save up for a patio cover.

Well, I'm glad that I let Tim do something for me because on Friday evening, he surprised me with a night away at Pechanga Resort and Casino.

 And they upgraded us to a Suite!  It was the prettiest hotel room I've ever stayed in.  I could actually live there.  Except for if you pick up a beverage out of the refrigerator and don't put it back in 5 seconds you get charged.  That could get pretty pricey.

Basically you walk in and to the left is a gorgeous kitchen then the sitting room, and dining.  To the right you can enter the bathroom, which leads through a door to a bigger bathroom complete with a sink area, gorgeous shower, separate tub, and a vanity.  Which, I was very vain and sat at that vanity to do my makeup and hair. 

And of course to toast myself with a little bubbly.

While I was getting ready, Tim called down to the Concierge to ask about the restaurants.  We decided on the Italian restaurant and honestly I can't tell you when I've ever had a better pasta.  It was so amazing!

Self portrait of us at dinner.

After dinner, we headed back up to our room to drop off our leftovers and preceded back downstairs to try our hand at gambling.

Let's just say that Tim was able to blow $60.00 in less than five minutes.

So we headed to the bar, had a few beers and just basically reconnected.  It was so nice to be away from our kids for a night, I think it's so important to go away with just your husband every once and a while. 

Well, I kept Mr. Rush up way past his bedtime and we checked out of our room at exactly 11:00 am.  You know, after we slept till 10:00, and I sat at that vanity again for hair and makeup!

Can you tell that he's tired?

After we left the hotel, we headed over to Yard House for lunch.  We had both never been.

The food is outstanding, and if you like to try different kinds of beer, the selection is unbelievable. 

When Tim first told me we were going away for the evening, I thought we were either going Wine Tasting or to Pechanga.  We ended up doing both, kind of!

He took me to a little winery that we had been to when Riley was just like six months old.  I loved this winery.  We had gone on a Saturday, they had live music and even a little dancing.  It was so fun to sit and people watch!

So we took the drive.

And were surprised to see that they had done some improvements, and changed the entrance.

There are no pictures of the inside because as me and the Mr. got out of the car, it began to sleet.  Yes, we were sleeted on.  So I forgot my camera and made a run for it!

After our glass of wine, it was time to go back home because my Mom had prepared an amazingly yummy dinner for me!  While watching my beast children I might add!

And she set the table!  Talk about super woman!

We had such a great evening at my Mom's, one of the best times ever I think, at least top 5...wouldn't you say Mom?

And thank you so much to my Mom, without her, we wouldn't have been able to act like crazy kids again!

So, there you have it.  My birthday was definitely a success.  And did I mention that I am now 29?  It's my last year before I turn the big 3-0!



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