Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Weird that I would start a Valentine's post with a picture of that right?  Wrong.  This is the conclusion to my last post.  I loved all of your guesses and I've realized how many other things I'd like for Valentine's day.  So, the answer to my, what did I get for V Day post, is this; Tim got men.

I am the proud recipient of seven men.  Tim is so thoughtful.  He knows how much I like men so he got me seven, including Tim, I have eight.  Ah, my hubby is the best.

Are you confused? Well, you should be.  Each individual towel represented a man visitor.  My lovely Valentine has spent his weekend with his brother and six other guys.  His brother Jared lives in Oregon and him and a bunch of buddies came down to visit Tim to go to the Supercross event at Anaheim stadium.  Today, they are at the drag races.  I'm alone.  On Valentine's day :(

This is their second annual trip because they had so much fun coming down last year.  They are a great group of guys and if you are sensing that I might be upset that I don't have a Valentine today, I'm really not.  V Day is not exactly my favorite holiday, I could take it or leave it, honestly.  I did receive a nice bouquet of balloons, some chocolates, and I should be receiving my necklace from the Vintage Pearl (Tawny thanks for posting a link on your blog a while back, I'm in love with their stuff!) in a few weeks.  So I did have a good day, and tonight I have something special planned.  Will post some of the pictures tomorrow...

Kelly, I have to say that you cracked me up with your guess, yes you can say that Tim should have bought me pretty, new towels for Valentine's day.  That was not my best effort in picture taking, all of my "nice" towels were in the laundry, that is what I was prepping ;)   After I posted the picture of the towels, I realized what an ugly bunch I picked to picture.  Hmmm, I think I see a Home Goods trip in my future...

So I hope everyone has a great Valentine's day with your loves. I'm hoping to take the girls for some ice cream and possibly some play time at the park, it is a gorgeous day!

I'll leave you all with some sweets that I've created this Valentine's week.

Cupcakes with white chocolate hearts for Riley's preschool class.  She is now very popular.



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