Saturday, August 30, 2008

We'll Be Comin Around the Mountain

So we had a very big adventure this morning. My mom, Sean, Riley, and I delivered a cake to Crestline. For those of you who don't know where Crestline is, it is up the windy mountain roads close to Lake Arrowhead. What a way to deliver a three tier wedding cake that weighed like 200 pounds, not really but it felt like it. We experienced 962 right hand curves and about 968 left hand curves. Boy, am I glad we are back. Riley is too, poor thing got car sick on the way back down the mountain.

It was such a terrific trip that Sean and Mom had to have an alcoholic beverage at BJs when we got back. The cake turned out beautiful and the customer was very happy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CHP or bust!!

This morning, Tim has his QAP oral interview for the CHP. I am so nervous, I think I'm more nervous then he is. We went and bought him a suit at the Men's Warehouse this past weekend and I think it is a lucky suit. It looks very nice on him I might add. If I didn't have to iron those shirts everyday, I could really get used to him looking so nice for work. He really cleans up well. If anyone reads this before 930 this morning, say a little prayer for Tim. We are really hoping that this works out for us.

I'm so proud of everything he has accomplished so far, he has really put his heart into this process and it shows. Stupid pregnancy, I feel like I could cry I'm so proud. Anyway, this is the hardest part of the hiring process so of course God is getting sick of hearing me pray for the same things over and over again. Wish him luck, I hope they see what I see. Plus, I can't wait to see him in the uniform!!!

I had to tell him it was okay to smile!!

Then he forgot to smile.

So I reminded him again!! Doesn't he look handsome? Love you baby!!

Monday, August 25, 2008


On Saturday, Mom, Grandma, Sean, Riley, and I did a little shopping. We decided we'd hit for sure our favorite store in the whole wide world, Home Goods and have lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, I was craving a Thai Crunch Salad., mmmm. Then we went as long as we could before Riley crashed. So I snapped a couple of pictures when Riley was very tired and the only two things she wanted was a hat I found and her Uncle Sean. Sean and Riley are making faces at themselves in a mirror. Sean was, at the time, looking for a nice new pair of high heels.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Love Seat

Riley and Grandma had some fun today at work. They both sat on Riley's little couch and had some great bonding time. 

They watched a little Backyardigans, had a snack, swapped glasses, it looked like a lot of fun.

Riley loves it when Grandma shares her love seat. I think they tell secrets down there and Grandma gives her candy. Don't worry mom, I won't say anything about the butter.

Curly Q

I just had to take these pictures of Riley's hair today, I can't believe how curly it is. It is so pretty, I hope it stays this way. I would die to have curly hair like that. Even when she gets out of the bath, if I comb it straight, it still curls up into itself. Amazing, I wish she would let me play with it a little more.
You would not know it, but, her hair is actually getting really long.

Goody Bag

When I delivered the cake order this last weekend, Riley was lucky enough to score a goody bag full of great stuff. She had a blast going through it today at the office. I think her favorite is the star sunglasses, I think she would have worn them to bed if I let her.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Birthday Bash

I started posting pictures of my sweets on my personal blog for all of you who always want to know when I put new pictures on my Sugar Rush blog. This way you can see the additions without needing to try to find them on Sugar Rush. So these yummy items I did this weekend for a 1st Birthday. This was the biggest 1st birthday I had ever seen, water slides, bounce houses, balloons, a caricature artist (I think that's how you spell it, I won't disagree with spell check), and much more. I'm sure those kids had a good time.

Here is the cake

The cupcakes

and the smash cake. Princess was the theme!!

Here is just a cute pic of Riley trying to help my mom hold up our picture background. She is such a good help!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Daddy Love

For the past two weeks, Riley knows that when we get home, Daddy is home sometime after that. She can't wait to see him, I love it, it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Daddy has been getting home right about the time Riley is done eating her dinner and has taken her bath. After her bath, she wants to go to the front door to wait for Daddy, then after a whole minute of waiting, she can't take it anymore so we have to go out front to wait. It's so fun to see her excitement when she finally sees him. She also just started saying Da Da about a month ago so she says it all the time, in the sweetest little voice. Today, we got home late so we didn't even make it inside before her Dad got home.

This is Riley running up and down the sidewalk waiting for Daddy.

Once Daddy gets home, it's play time. She loves to get on our bed and roll around and mess around.  Daddy tickles and plays with her until she's blue!!

Here she is waiting, Daddy is playing peek-a-boo with her.

A little bit of upside down time..

And don't forget the throwing of Riley onto the pillows!!!

Please Dad, just one more time????


My Office Assistant

I'm sure Riley is sick of going to work everyday with me, but, she makes the most of it and tries to find something new to do all the time. Today, she decided she'd spend most of her time standing on one of her toys. She reminds me of a little mountain goat. I think she probably stayed standing on that stupid thing for about half an hour eating her goldfish and trying to figure out how to get Grandma's camera to work. I'm still trying to use my old camera because I have not had time to go see what Costco has to offer.

After all of Riley's hard work, she had the iced down watery end of my decaf starbucks. I figured I owed it to her, she did give me a good thirty minutes of valuable work time while she watched Backyardigans.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Anniversary Cake

I had another order for today. I made this cake for my client's daughter's 25th anniversary. My client had a silver number 25 to put on top, I wish I had gotten a picture of the cake with the finishing touch, but this will have to do. I think it still turned out good, I love fresh flowers on a cake.

Quick Visit

Today Tim, Riley, and I went to the Cabazon Outlets to see my best friend Crystal and her husband Kyle. We were planning on spending Saturday night out in Palm Springs with them, but Crystal and Kyle ended up not being able to stay, long story. So we decided it would be best to see them at least for a couple of hours then not at all. So, we met halfway for lunch before they had to drive back to Arizona. It's too bad they had to leave so soon, we would have had a really fun night. Oh well, maybe next time. Here are some pictures of our not long enough visit.

Crystal and Kyle

Tim and I

And of course, can't forget Riley!! She was such a good girl, she didn't whine in the car or throw any fits at the restaurant, I think she is turning over a new leaf!!

It was also Crystal's birthday last weekend so being the best friend that I am, I had all the employees sing to her, it was wonderful....for me!!!

They even made her wear a cute little hat!

Riley decided that she needed to wear the hat after seeing Crystal have so much fun.

Then of course, Tim, watching Riley have so much fun, decided he needed to get in on the action too.

I know it looks like we are blowing away, but, it's the only picture we took together!! I won't post the picture of the four of us, that one is even worse.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Peaceful Grocery Shopping


 I make myself laugh.

 There is no such thing.

For a while there, I thought there could be.

See, I gave Riley a lollipop for the grocery store. She was a very happy girl and everything was going great, until, she dropped it not even halfway through the store. I should have had a back up lollipop, but I didn't. I was fresh out of lollipops with 9 aisles left to go. I won't tell you how the rest of our outing went because I'm trying to forget it. Here is a picture of her going down the first aisle with her candy all nice and quiet and happy.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Piece of Cake

Here are the two orders that I had for Saturday. Boy, am I glad it's Sunday!!

This client had a cute idea, too have a watering can on the cake that was watering the cupcakes that had flower cookies in them. I loved this order, very fun!!

This client's daughter is going away to school in Conneticut and she had the idea for me to make a cake that looked like the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh, the places you'll go!" her daughter's favorite cake is confetti so when you cut into the cake, it has rainbow specks to match the outside. I wanted to eat the cake myself so I made cupcakes with the extra batter. Mmmmm!!

Cankle Attack

So, I came down with my first case of cankle syndrom yesterday. I had been on my feet all day and night Friday, with two hours of sleep and then back up on my feet at 5:30 am Saturday morning. I did it to myself really. I took on two big orders for Saturday, and one I didn't find out about until Thursday. My mother is also not here to help me she's in Oklahoma visiting Stacy. So that meant that I had to do these orders and watch Riley because Tim worked late Friday and went into work Saturday morning. I think I might be crazy, or a little messed up in the head, I really don't know why I do so much to myself. So here they are, my cankles.

****Warning - Picture may be disturbing.



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