Saturday, September 20, 2008

One Step Closer

Tim was not supposed to find out the results of his QAP interview for at least another week but we had a little surprise in the mail yesterday. He received his letter. I am proud and happy to announce that he passed his QAP interview with a score of 85. We are so excited. You need a 70 to pass so it looks like he did pretty good. If he had gone on a ride along or had military experience, he would have scored higher. I am so proud of Tim, he is working so hard to become a CHP officer and I pray everyday that it happens for him. I think the lucky suit that we had bought at Men's Warehouse did it's job as well. He went on a ride along (my mom calls it a drive by) today and he gets to wear a bullet proof vest, he was so excited when he left this morning. He will be a CHP officer for the day between the hours of 630 am to 630 pm so all you drivers make sure you are wearing your seat belts and are driving safely on the freeway or Tim might just come and pull you over. Please don't shoot.



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