Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Official

It's official, I'm definitely a big, fat, enormous, gigantic pregnant woman. I have wanted to post this for a while but I just keep forgetting. Last week, I went into Starbucks to get my mom her afternoon Americano, and my nonfat chocolate milk. As I walk up to the counter, the Starbucks boy takes one look at me and says, "Wow, you are about ready aren't you?" And before I could say anything he says, "Are you due at the end of August or the beginning of September?" I was shocked that he thought I looked that big. So I said, "Try the end of October." What I should have said was, what do you mean? I'm not pregnant. The little snot. You don't ask a pregnant woman if she is going to pop soon, if you are interested, you ask when her due date is. I mean, we are already upset about all the weight we are gaining and to get a comment like that could be disastrous. I wanted to jump behind the counter and squeeze his little head off. After I told him my correct due date, he says, "Oh well I really don't know much about pregnant woman." I said, "Obviously." So people, that's it, I'm big, I'm large and in charge and I still have 7.5 weeks to go. The other thing I was upset about is that I still have not gained nearly as much as with Riley. I'm still under 20 pounds total weight gain so when he asked me that, I was very upset. I guess it's not how much weight you gain, it's how big you look. And I look big. I can't see body parts anymore, that is depressing.


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