Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gerber Baby??

 Last week, Riley was looking at this box of Gerber cereal bars that I bought for her. She looked at the front and then the back and then she points to the picture of the Gerber baby on the box and says, Iiley! (that's how she says her name) So apparently, my daughter thinks she is the Gerber baby, talk about self esteem. I thought when she did it the first time that it was funny, but this morning, she did it again. She definitely thinks she is the Gerber baby. I'm not surprised, she takes after her father and I catch the pair of them checking themselves out in mirrors all the time. My family is vain. Who knew? I am married to Fabio and gave birth to the Gerber baby. Life is good.



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I'm Kristi, the wife of one very lucky and handsome husband, and mother to two beautiful little girls. I'm honest and sarcastic, funny and easy going. I love to eat and love to hate that I love butter. And wine. And did I mention butter? I'm always learning new things, happy to lend a hand, and love my life. This is a blog of my family and the day to day crazy that we call Rush Hour. I hope while you are here that you enjoy yourself and come back often!

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