Monday, September 15, 2008

Downtown Disney

Tim, Riley, and I met up with Tim's best friend from Oregon last night. Bobby and Abby are in town on vacation with their kids and they are spending most of the trip at Disneyland. So we met them for dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe in Downtown Disney. We were a little crazy for meeting them at 730 when Riley goes to bed at 800 but Tim was afraid he'd be working late all week and didn't want to miss out on seeing Bobby. So, we crossed our fingers and hopped in the car hoping Riley would be good. Well, she was. She was so excited to be there that we couldn't keep her contained. She ran around screaming with excitement. There was music and lights and so much to look at that we didn't really have any problems.

When we went in to eat, they sat us next to some very annoying monkeys that never shut up. Riley was not sure about those monkeys but as soon as the rain storm took over the restaurant, she was very much afraid of everything. She cried a little, mostly because she was tired and had really bad parents, but by the second rain storm, she was okay and actually kind of liked it. Then after dinner, we stayed to watch the fireworks that they set off in Disneyland. Riley loved it, she had so much fun. She even fell asleep in the car on the way home, something she very rarely does. So overall, our late night adventure was a success. Tim got to see his best friend, I got to eat yummy food, and Riley had an unexpected blast!

Here are a couple pics of her running around like a crazy person.

Watching the fireworks on Daddy's shoulders!!



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