Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quick Visit

Today Tim, Riley, and I went to the Cabazon Outlets to see my best friend Crystal and her husband Kyle. We were planning on spending Saturday night out in Palm Springs with them, but Crystal and Kyle ended up not being able to stay, long story. So we decided it would be best to see them at least for a couple of hours then not at all. So, we met halfway for lunch before they had to drive back to Arizona. It's too bad they had to leave so soon, we would have had a really fun night. Oh well, maybe next time. Here are some pictures of our not long enough visit.

Crystal and Kyle

Tim and I

And of course, can't forget Riley!! She was such a good girl, she didn't whine in the car or throw any fits at the restaurant, I think she is turning over a new leaf!!

It was also Crystal's birthday last weekend so being the best friend that I am, I had all the employees sing to her, it was wonderful....for me!!!

They even made her wear a cute little hat!

Riley decided that she needed to wear the hat after seeing Crystal have so much fun.

Then of course, Tim, watching Riley have so much fun, decided he needed to get in on the action too.

I know it looks like we are blowing away, but, it's the only picture we took together!! I won't post the picture of the four of us, that one is even worse.



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